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Salesforce Contracts in action

Over the years, engaging with Legal teams while selling Salesforce CPQ has resulted in 3 recurring questions:

’Does CPQ cover other contract types or is just for sales & order documents?’

‘It’s only for documents created as part of CPQ sales process: proposals, quotes & order forms’

‘Does CPQ also cover CLM?’

‘CPQ covers elements of contract management, but if you need redlining or versioning you need a dedicated third party CLM application’

‘Does it work in Word?’

‘Yes, but not the way you want and it really isn’t best practice’

So I’d like to introduce you to Salesforce Contracts.  It simplifies, automates and digitises your contract management - right where you manage the customer.  Safely and securely on the world’s most trusted platform, so you can rest assured it adheres to the highest standards of compliance, privacy and security.

It’s scalable and repeatable. Quick to setup & easy to maintain via point and click admin.  All on Salesforce.  All native.

Now I’m able to say ‘It includes redlining & versioning.  Also Approvals, Obligations, Amendments and Reporting.  It covers every type of contract…and Yes, it works seamlessly with Word’

And finally I’ve reached Legal’s 4th question: ‘How do we go about digitising all our historic documents into Salesforce?’

You can see how in the first 2 minutes of this demo

Watch on to see Contract Creation, Approvals, Negotiation, Versioning, Redlining & Execution.

Connect with the Shiftlogic team to learn more.

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