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Our Services

Our successful track record is founded upon our proven implementation methodology where we lead with standard features and out-of-the-box functionality and always focus on the outcome; your success.


Our experience tells us that one size does not fit all and with that in mind we have developed a number of alternative implementation approaches that will meet your needs. However, we always insist on workshopping the scope and size of your implementation.

Take the time to properly define your services solution and select the right approach that will help you successfully execute your implementation strategy! Remember, it will be transformational!

Tailored Implementations

A flexible, implementation project delivering a comprehensive CPQ,  Billing, or Subscription Management solution. Tailored projects are typically 18 to 24 weeks, but this depends on scope, complexity, scale, phasing; could be longer, but could also be shorter.

Plan Prepare Phase

Plan & Prepare

Deign Phase
Construct Phase



Test Phase


Deploy Phase




With that in mind and before committing to a tailored project, we ask all our customers to participate in our Services Definition Workshop; an essential pre-sales activity that helps us understand the scope and scale of your revenue Cloud implementation.

Design Authority

Add Revenue Cloud Architectural guidance and governance to your implementation project. Our Design Authority offerings are perfect for customers who are self-implementing or Salesforce partners new to Revenue Cloud technology or the revenue management lifecycle, in general.


Design First

Start your project with an Architectural Discovery & Deep Dive, (the Design phase of our full implementation) with no commitment to Construct-to-Launch.

Price Upon Request


Architectural Advisory

Secure the success of your implementation project and add our seasoned and experienced Revenue Cloud Architects to your team. 

Price Upon Request

Managed Administration

These are hands-on expert services offering that gives you incredible flexibility when building your perfect project. Knowledge and experience are critical in delivering a successful transformation program. Onboard a Consultant, Business Analyst or Developer to extend your project, provide ongoing maintenance or augment your project team. 


Extended Hypercare

Retain your project team and extend your post go-live implementation support.

Price Upon Request


Solution Maintenance

This is Revenue Cloud ongoing maintenance and technical support, on-demand.

Price Upon Request


Staff Augmentation

Add our Revenue Cloud expertise to your project or IT teams.

Price Upon Request

Training Services

We specialise in revenue cloud technology and have in-depth knowledge of its functionalities, capabilities, and best practices. Unlike other providers, our expertise enables us to design training programmes that provide comprehensive coverage of its features, implementation strategies, and optimisation techniques.

Our instructors are highly qualified professionals with significant training delivery expertise. They possess the necessary skills to effectively deliver training sessions that are engaging, informative, and practical.

Our training programmes are designed to not only cover the technical aspects of revenue cloud but also emphasise industry best practices. We leverage our extensive experience and industry insights to incorporate proven methodologies, workflows, and strategies that optimise the use of this revenue management solution.


Product Training

CPQ & Billing Administration training that includes maintenance best practices.

Price Upon Request


Solution Training

End user enablement on the delivered solution, (train-the-trainer).

Price Upon Request

Org Optimisation

This is a focused advisory engagement looking under the hood of your Revenue Cloud implementation. We work closely with key customer staff in evaluating the performance, usability, and the alignment of your implementation to product and industry best practices. We help customers find the right path forward in order to achieve a more efficient Revenue Cloud solution and guide them on potential next steps.


As always, we lead with standard out-of-the-box features and provide recommendations on ways you can align with them, suggesting alternate design approaches and/or applying process changes.

If you are interested in signing up for our Revenue Cloud Health Check, please reach out.

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