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Embrace the Power of Salesforce Contracts with These 3 Key Reasons


Enhanced 360-degree view of a customer's data

  • The 360-degree view of the customer journey is a crucial aspect of customer relationship management, and Salesforce Contracts plays a significant role in providing a comprehensive view of a customer's lifecycle.

  • Salesforce Contract is magical for companies already using Salesforce CRM or any cloud. The main reason is that if you have a customer’s basic contact information and their purchasing history, introducing Salesforce Contracts into your org will introduce Contract Life Cycle Management in Salesforce within a few clicks. This includes Legacy contacts too!! 360-degree view of your customer delivered.

  • By incorporating contract data into the broader customer view, companies can gain a holistic understanding of their business relationships. This not only aids in better decision-making but also allows for more personalized interactions with customers.

Easy for Automated contract tracking and reporting

  • Contract Life-Cycle tracking helps monitor changes made to contracts, whether it's negotiation through redlining, approvals, modifications to contract terms, amendments, updates to existing contracts, and so on. This ensures that the most current version of the contract is always available.

  • Salesforce typically provides robust reporting and dashboard features. This allows users to create customized reports on various contract metrics such as the number of active contracts, contract values, renewal rates, and more.

  • Concise and Clear reporting helps decision makers in Sales, Operations, and Legal to see a clearer picture of a company's current health and better plan for the future with informed forecasting, identify possible attrition, and build potential cross and up-sell opportunities.

Efficient to prevent Revenue leakage 

Imagine this…

  • With Salesforce Contract you have a streamlined contract creation and approval workflow. Now you have reduced manual errors and accelerated the contract lifecycle.

  • Contract Renewal will be handled with automated alerts and reminders, notifying stakeholders of upcoming contract renewals. This allows you the opportunity to implement proactive renewal strategies to maximize revenue retention and growth.

  • When it comes to negotiations, this part of the process is accelerated with collaborative editing and real-time communication through red-lining, helping both parties set clear negotiation expectations and ultimately expedite the overall process.

Remember, the deal is not done until your customer signs on the dotted line. Get to cash faster with Salesforce Contracts!

Here at, we are CLM experts, with extensive experience in helping our customers transform their business with Contract Digitalization. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to us.

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