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Salesforce Billing - Aspirin for those recurring invoice headaches

Anytime I mention billing, people seem to freeze up.

‘Don’t touch our billing’

Normally because the incumbent billing system is so fragile.

After all, it provides the lifeblood of every company, Cash.  

It's often still on an ERP that was never designed to handle all the new revenue methods like subscriptions, usage, tiers and ramps, overage & bundles - especially not when you need to sell them in a single quote, or provide a consistent buying experience across multiple channels.

All that requires a high degree of selling agility and adding CPQ means you’ll be able to sell using every modern form of revenue model.  

But you need to be careful that you aren’t just shifting the problem downstream to Finance, as that old billing engine that’s already creaking, has now got to shift up a few gears.

Today this mix of recurring revenue methods is commonplace & the extended revenue lifecycle brings a wave of follow-on transactions (add-ons, renewals, extensions, swaps, usage summaries) each requiring in-life amendments to invoicing.

And many customers have quoting tools that does maths differently than the billing tool. Multiple logic engines. Multiple product and pricing catalogues.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud has solved this by unifying quoting and billing around a single customer record.  Pulling together all your contractual, commercial and transactional data directly on your customer engagement platform. 

See Salesforce Billing in action here and connect with the Shiftlogic team to learn more 

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